Dutch Coffee is coming to Europe!

Unmatched in its popularity in North East Asia and thé coffee hype in Australia and the US; Dutch Coffee is finally coming to Europe! Discover here the history of this unique coffee experience and why we are so enthusiastic about it!

More about Dutch Coffee

The wine amongst coffee

Due to the unique brewing method Dutch Coffee maximizes the flavor of the used coffee beans. From extreme chocolaty to unmatched fruity flavors, for real coffee lovers Dutch Coffee is a joy for the senses! Internationally known as “the wine amongst coffee”. Curious? In our shop you find everything you need to get started!

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What is Dutch Coffee?

What is Dutch Coffee?

Dutch Coffee is a brewing method in which ice cold water is used instead of hot water or steam. This preserves all flavors in a coffee and gives a unique unmatched taste! Read more

Dutch Coffee beans

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Want to try some delicious Dutch Coffee brewed in the Netherlands? Try some of the very best from Batavia Coffee!



Dutch Coffee Serving tips

Delicious Dutch Coffee serving tips

The deep and rich flavor of Dutch Coffee is perfect for serving over ice. However, there are many more options to enjoy this coffee. Find out here what the possibilities are.

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You want to enjoy Dutch Coffee at home or you want to benefit from this new sensation in your coffee bar or restaurant? We ship to all EU countries, contact us if you’re outside the EU!

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Recent coffee reviews

Dutch Coffee on the rocks – Puur genieten!

Benodigdheden: – Whiskey Tumbler – 80ml Dutch Coffee – IJsblokjes Bereiding: Schenk de Dutch Coffee in een Tumbler en vul het glas af met ijsblokjes. Dit is de manier waarop de smaak van Dutch Coffee maximaal tot haar recht komt. Dutch Coffee on the rocks geeft de volle ruimte aan de smaak en het aroma […]

Dutch Coffee met gecondenseerde melk

Benodigdheden: – Sapglas / wiskey tumbler – 100 ml Dutch Coffee (liefst een krachtige Dutch Coffee zoals een limu of een colombiaanse koffie) – Een eetlepels gecondenseerde melk (verkrijgbaar bij AH) – IJblokjes Bereiding: Vul het glas met Dutch Coffee en ijsblokjes tot het glas rijkelijk gevuld is. Schep nu een eetlepel gecondenseerde melk in […]

Dutch IJskoffie chocolade / vanille

Benodigdheden: – Groot glas – 150 ml Dutch Coffee – ½ eetlepel suiker – 50 ml slagroom – 1 schep vanilleijs of chocoladeijs – Busje cacao Bereiding: Sla de slagroom lobbig met de halve eetlepel suiker. Mix de Dutch Coffee met de schep ijs en wat ijsklontjes. Giet het Dutch Coffee – ijsmengsel in het […]

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