Dutch Coffee mission statement

Dutch Coffee mission

Dutch Coffee mission statement

Almost all our lives we’ve been passionate about coffee. Where most start with a large quantity of sugar and a large dose of milk the deep black gold drew our attention quite fast. The coffee consumption rose continuously over time and drove our passion for coffee further uphill.

With great pain we witnessed the rise of so called ‘convenient’ ready-made-coffee-pad-machines. Ignoring everyone’s excitement about these extremely easy to use coffee machines we lowered the flag midway. The tradeoff between convenience and taste was something we couldn’t accept and our antique coffeemakers slowly dripped further.

Dutch Coffee in the Netherlands

Now, several years later, we happily see coffee gaining popularity faster than ever. People are again investing both time and effort in search of the perfect cup of coffee. The upcoming ‘third wave of coffee’ opened a new chapter in the discovery of coffee resulting in new brewing methods like the chemex and the rise of old methods like Dutch Coffee and slow coffee. Furthermore upcoming new coffee roasters introduce us to a great variety of great single origin coffees with impeccable taste.

It is our mission to further grow the passion for coffee among our clients and to introduce as many people as possible to the wonderful world of specialty coffee through our bottled Dutch Coffee. We want to take distance from the horrible ‘second wave’ one-push-one-coffee-machine era as soon and fast as possible.

“We want the sensation of the black gold to make you as happy as it makes us.”